My Works

Tatiana Proskouriakoff, Interpreting the Ancient Maya
This biography explores the life and times of Tatiana Proskouriakoff (1909-1985), a remarkable woman who worked in Maya archaeology during a period when the field was dominated by ivy league educated men of means. Her dynamic contributions to Maya studies inspired many women who have gone on to have successful careers of their own. I was able to include previously unpublished photographs in this book in part through a grant from the Arts and Science Councils of North Carolina. Their support was timely and greatly appreciated.

A Pioneer in Archaeology
This article concerning the life and work of Tatiana Proskouriakoff was solicited by the editor of American Archaeology Magazine and appears in the column Legends in Archaeology in the Fall, 2003 issue.

Re-connecting the Pieces: A Journey through the Life of Tatiana Proskouriakoff
An account of my journey in researching and writing the biography of Mayanist Tatiana Proskouriakoff published in the University of Oklahoma Press catalog.

Tatiana Proskouriakoff and her Contributions to Mesoamerican Archaeology
This is an online article on Tania's life and work for the Yucatan Adventure website.

Review of Alfred Maudslay and the Maya, a Biography by Ian Graham
I was contacted by the editors of the journal, Mesoamerica, to write a review of this biography of the 19th century British explorer, Alfred P. Maudslay. Written by Ian Graham, England's present-day Mayanist explorer, this book is thoroughly researched and full of fascinating detail.

Off and Running, Our State magazine, April 2008
Margaret Hagerty has completed marathons on all the continents of the world for which in 2000, she was inducted into the "Seven Continents Club." She was one of seventeen women, and the oldest, to be so honored. Perhaps more remarkable is that she only began running at age 64, when she resolved to give up her smoking habit. Now, at 86, she continues to train and to run, most recently in May, 2008 on the Great Wall of China and smaller, local races since that time.

The Audition
This award-winning essay takes a look back to an audition at the Orson Welles in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the ways it ultimately altered my life's direction.

"The Christmas Gift," a play
This one-act play is set in a small Ohio town in winter, 1934, and focuses on the trials of one large family. With the country mired in the Great Depression, Christmas was already going to be sparse, but with the sudden death of their father, none of the children has felt like gathering around the tree. A bearded stranger, who needs a meal and a place for the night, is invited to stay. His presence reminds them of what they have.

Captive Audience
This award-winning essay describes the author's yearnings and confusions as a young teen growing up at the beach in the early 1960s, including surfers, sand dunes, and one boy's dark closet.

Singing to the Fairies in the Doghouse
Winner of the Silver Arts 2006 Cabarrus County Gold Medal for Life Experience category, this essay reflects on the some of my magical places during my childhood in Virginia.